Secure Towing of a Caravan

Secure Towing of a Caravan - Ontime Sydney Towing

Several safety considerations have to be kept in mind whether you are towing a trailer or a caravan. It is always advised to hire Ontime Sydney Towing's services if you are in need to tow anything as it will be done by the professionals who are experts in their domain. We can provide you a quick tow truck service in Sydney around PadstowPeakhurstPenshurst, and many other surrounding areas.

Caravanning and safe towing requires some knowledge and a dose of common sense along with the due training and experience. If you intend to do it on your own, you will have to get proper licensing, and it is also necessary that you attend a training course to learn the art of towing a caravan safely and efficiently.

Here are a few pro tips lined up by our crew members to tow a caravan securely:

Watch out the towing capacity of your vehicle

Your vehicle can tow weight up to a certain extent. The maximum weight a vehicle can tow can be found on the car's owner's manual or specification sheet. Towing a caravan whose weight get more info exceeds 85% of the vehicle's kerb weight is not recommended and can cause serious problems. read more To avoid all these tricky calculations, you can reach out for Ontime Sydney Towing's professional towing services in all the major areas of Sydney like, PadstowPeakhurst, or Penshurst.

Install extended towing mirrors

Extended towing mirrors are of great help while you are towing a caravan as they give you an enhanced view of about 20 meters backwards and 4 meters out from the side of the vehicle. Installing extended towing mirrors is also required by law when towing a caravan or a trailer.

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